Monday, May 2, 2011

Infinity Network Blog: MadQueen's Musings on "Be Ye Mystic"


Musings on Austin Osman Spare's Quote "Be ye Mystic" from
The Book of Pleasure

Face the sunshine and make it rise, burn the dawn with unfettered explosion. Passion! Weep in tired broken sorrow, till your throat aches and there is no comfort that can soothe your torment.

The beauty of contrast is more delicately defined in the shades of everyday.

Nothing is muted here.

The colors blend because the threads are so many, each... to be tasted in a single moment serving size and kept alive through experience. Oh to be human!

A mind that believes the absence of desire means to desire nothing, to me is surely choosing to be lost. To really desire and burn for nothing? Then you desire not to be you, and burn not at all. This in itself is a desire of redefinition. But to follow your desires with boundless fury, to risk your heart and life and mind with every thought, with every word? Don't wait for, don't ignore. It's not coming, it IS. Don't want, don't try, BE. Every action a fractal into eternity, infinite reverberation. Desire, the pull on strands of an interconnected consciousnesses that transcends space and time. The spiraling projection from primordial waters, the dance of chaos into pattern. Nothing is random, everything is random. Desire everything, want nothing. _Just_ . And the popularly frowned upon negative experiences? Contrast, depth, design undefined. Regret, useless? No- if it is, allow it, dissect it, experience, desire, burn, BE. Learn, grow, evolve. Destroy with creation. Birth is death. To both Be with intensity and dissect at once your mechanics of being, this is surely the above and below contextually. Regret a silken strand of experience itself.

“And remember, you shall suffer all things and again suffer: until you have sufficient sufferance to accept all things.” -a.o.spare

Pattern recognition and a singularity of consciousness in a network of the like. Universes within universes within quarks so to speak. And that 0=1=2=3=0.12=0=.=12 = 13 is logical as infinite expansion and infinite contraction. Unity, polarity, 3 in 0.

One Khaos from which One came.
Perspective mirrors.
The God in me greets the God in you
The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you

Therefore your reactions? Infinite projection of energy outward and inward. Forever sustained within moments of truth, oh we do not see, we do not see, how we poison ourselves sometimes. The constant dance of opposition! The blinding light and swirling shadows. The neither neither is not gray! But all colors that weave our reality and all the spaces in between. The self sustained realization that Magic is real. That regardless of situation and presentation of choice or lack there of, I am Mystic and I am Magic. I am Khaos and Order. I am poetry in motion. I am free. I am the MadQueen. I am the Tempest. I am Love.


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